Oakland City University

December 5, 2012
10AM - 2PM

December 2012

Winter Open House - Oakland City University Bookstore

I will be performing at the Winter Open House this year for the Oakland City University Bookstore on December 5th. There will be over 2 hours of prepared music, mostly holiday-themed, so come out an enjoy the show! Admission is free, and the open house is from 10AM until 2PM.

Pictures from the event

I have also prepared a short piece for solo performance, which will be Chopin's Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23, for the event. From Wikipedia:

Ballade No. 1 is one of the more popular Chopin pieces. It is prominently featured in the 2002 Roman Polanski film The Pianist, where an approximately four-minute cut is played by Janusz Olejniczak. It is also played in the 1944 film Gaslight and heard in the 2006 satire Thank You for Smoking. It is also briefly played in the film "Rhapsody". It is also the music for the "Black" pas de deux, the final, climactic pas de deux in John Neumeier's staging of the ballet The Lady of the Camellias, based upon the novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils. Many noteworthy pianists have performed and recorded the piece, including Sviatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels, Arthur Rubinstein, Krystian Zimerman, Vladimir Horowitz, Vladimir Ashkenazy, and Alfred Cortot.

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Signature School

My Role: Prelude Pianist

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November 2012

Fundraising Banquet - Evansville Country Club (Signature School)

I was asked to prepare some "prelude" music for a fundraising banquet for the Signature School at the Evansville Country Club this year, and gladly obliged. Joining me will be Taylor Buchanan, a lovely soprano, whom together with my accompaniment will be singing a selection from Beauty and the Beast.

Update: Unfortunately, Taylor will not be able to attend the banquet. However, I will still be providing prelude music, a solo piece, and accompanying vocalist Tyler Simpson.
November 9, 2012

I have also prepared a short piece for solo performance, which will be Chopin's Etude in C-Sharp Minor, No. 4, Op. 10. You may visit the Wikipedia page for more information about this particular etude, which I may decide to include in my next album release!

Please visit http://www.signature.edu for more information about Signature School.

Reefer Madness: The Musical

Director: Craig Nolan Highley
Music Director: Mason Stewart
Choreography: Kathy Todd Chaney

My Role: Pianist, Program Design

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September - October 2012

Reefer Madness: The Musical

About the musical

Reefer Madness was inspired by a 1936 American propaganda exploitation film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana — from a hit and run accident, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, and descent into madness. The film was directed by Louis Gasnier and starred a cast composed of mostly unknown actors. Originally financed by a church group under the title “Tell Your Children”, the film was intended to be shown to parents as a morality tale attempting to teach them about the dangers of cannabis use. However, soon after the film was shot, it was purchased by producer Dwain Esper, who re-cut the film for distribution on the exploitation film circuit. The film did not gain an audience until it was rediscovered in the 1970s and gained new life as a piece of unintentional comedy among advocates of cannabis policy reform. Today, it is in the public domain in the United States and is considered a cult film.

About Wayward Actors Company

Wayward Actors Company is dedicated to producing classical, contemporary and absurd theater that enlightens and entertains, provoking the audience to re-evaluate their perceptions of social, economic and moral issues. Formed in the Summer of 2002 by five veterans of Louisville's active community theatre scene, this new company presents professional caliber productions in the community theatre by utilizing the best of local talent in shows with edgy, artistic material.

In honor of our tenth season, we would like to mention our former board members, all of whom have left their indelible mark on our continued growth. We miss them all: Craig S. Dolgin (founding member), Rich Galey, Rebecca Grider, Elaine Hackett (founding member), Michael Harris, John Hess, Richard Isaacs (founding member), Anthony Just (founding member), Glen Lawrence (founding member), Janet Morris, Jo Self, and Jennifer Shank.

Board of Directors:
Kathy Todd Chaney, Katie Hay, Craig Nolan Highley, Grace Poganski, and Mike Seely

Middletown Fitness & Cycling

My Role: Web Designer

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May - July 2012

Middletown Fitness and Cycling Site Launch

About the site

I began working on www.middletownfitnessandcycling.com in May, and finished about a month later. Ross Horsley, the owner, approached me and asked if I would develop a web site for his small business, a cycling and fitness store in Middletown. Of course, I loved the idea and shortly after began working with him to get this project completed.

About Middletown Fitness & Cycling

Founded in May 2012, Middletown Fitness & Cycling is Louisville's newest outlet for all things fitness and cycling. They have one of the best selections available for bicycles and accessories. Middletown Fitness and Cycling carries the Defy, Avail, Talon 29er, Escape Commuter, Sedona, Boulder, Revel, and Cypress series bikes from Giant, as well as the Light Commercial SB2 spin bike, and the TS1 and TS5 Treadmills available from the BH Group. Coupled with the many accessories offered, you can get everything you need (cycling-wise, at least) with these guys.