Hi, I'm Joshua.

I'm experienced in Product Management and MarTech.

My 12+ years in the B2B technology space has been characterized by thoughtful, detailed project management, paired with excellent problem-solving ability, clear communication, and execution that is well-aligned with strategic objectives.

As a Senior Product Strategist at TechnologyAdvice, I am enabled to grow and learn, while remaining passionate about technology and platforms that connect businesses and people.

Learn more about my work experience and personal ambitions.

Here are a few of my skills.

Product Strategy

Crafting an end-to-end product vision that aligns to strategic objectives

Web Development

Designing, coding, testing, and maintaining websites and web applications

Design & UX

Creating compelling user experiences based on research and testing

Digital Marketing

Planning and executing paid media and digital lead generation campaigns

Web Analytics

Building actionable datasets and creating visualizations to measure performance

Audience Segmentation

Segment research and creation of profiles for targeted campaigns