A Special Package

When coming home from work today, I met the UPS driver on my way inside the door to my building. “You’re the last door in the hall, right?” he said. “Yeah, that’s me,” I replied. He handed me a large, unmarked box that had a small label in the upper right corner.

I signed for the package and brought it inside. After putting my things away, I took a closer look to see who it came from. Mom and Dad? What on earth could it be? So I opened it…

And found lots of food. And books. And DVDs. And medicine. And a CD with pictures on it. And a check.

I called my mom right away, and said, “Merry Christmas.”  She was confused for a moment, and then I told her I received the package she sent in the mail and it felt like opening presents on Christmas morning. Thanks, mom and dad, for your support and thoughtfulness!

I laid out everything on my table and started organizing, because I’m a little bit….well, compulsive about putting things where they belong. And after a few minutes, I had everything separated and put where it was supposed to go, and I had a nice, warm feeling. Not because of the organization, mind you; but because I felt appreciated.

So if you ever hear me complain about something that my mom did, or my dad said, remind me of this day. How wonderful and thoughtful for me to receive such nice things and not even asked for them.

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